How to keep a starting blog going

When I started blogging just a couple of weeks ago, I knew it was going to be a challenge to keep things going.

It’s like New Year’s resolutions. You’re determined to keep at them, you spend money on a new sports outfit or you swear not to touch sugar again ever in your life. And then it’s January 2 and you realise you’re just too damn tired to go out running and you’d rather just stay in to bake a fabulous cake… Which is why I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.

Only this blog is important to me! And I cannot imagine letting it bleed to death before it’s even properly started.

So I’m trying to work out a sort of blogging schedule. On my Pinterest board I’ve been pinning blogging tips and tricks for ages, and I still don’t seem to have found something that fits into my chaotic life. Time management seems to be the key issue though!

I write practically all the time, and besides that there is of course the minor matter of offspring demanding quality time and trying to have a nice family life in general too. And I ‘just’ need to learn to fit writing for this blog into that routine. It all sounds so simple when I write it down 😉

So I’ve decided my personal mantra from now on is also quite simply:

“Don’t panic, just publish”

Don't panic

don’t panic pdf

Anyway, I’ve been to Berlin last week and I plan to write about that next time!


(P.S.: I created my ‘Don’t panic’ printable by using this tutorial)


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