My bucket list

Because I feel life’s too short to miss anything, I too have a bucket list. Oh no, not another bucket list! Yes, well, so far it seems more items make it on to the list than are actually transformed into a real live event… But, anyway, here it is (and by the way, there is absolutely no logic to the numbering).

  1. Visit New Zealand
  2. Take a balloon ride
  3. Learn how to sail
  4. Visit Rome
  5. Go back to Hawaii
  6. Write a novel
  7. Visit Iceland
  8. Visit Madrid
  9. Visit Barcelona
  10. Visit Istanbul
  11. Live in Japan
  12. See the Amazon
  13. Visit New York
  14. Write a children’s book
  15. Write a history book about sewing
  16. Work on a historical TV programme
  17. Start a blog
  18. Learn how to fly a plain
  19. Sew and wear a 17th century gown
  20. Organise a historical ball
  21. Build a house
  22. Start my own business
  23. Publish a historical cook book
  24. Participate in a sewing bee
  25. Learn another language
  26. See the Great Wall of China
  27. Publish short stories
  28. Take dancing classes
  29. See the Sahara
  30. Sail around the Greek islands
  31. See the Alhambra
  32. Carnaval in Venice
  33. see (and climb on) the tower of Pisa

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